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May 13, 2014


Our purpose.

The Jazz on line website was created 2001 by Michel Essevaz-Roulet to provide access to the American music of the first half of the XX. secular.
First half XX. American music was recorded on 78 rpm shellac discs which are a humanity treasure and are to be preserve. So is the purpose of Jazz on line, and you are invited to help us to verify titles, executants, catalog numbers, matrix, etc.
We intend also to find again the names of the authors or composers, which are often omitted in the catalogs.
Jazz on line is a non- profit organisation (following the French law of July 1901.

Mac Users

The Apple key needs to be held down when clicking your MP3 download link. Using the Apple key causes everything to happen automatically - the download finishes and iTunes opens and plays.

1. Open jazz-on line.
2. Click "download mp3 playlists" (upper-right) 3. Select tune. Hold down CONTROL KEY on keyboard and click "mp3 download".
A DROP-DOWN menu will appear and you move cursor to "download link to disk".
A download window will appear up-right of screen. You will see the blue bar loading the data.
At the same time, an mp3 icon will appear on the desktop.
4. When download is complete, DOUBLE CLICK the icon on the desktop and the file will automatically open and play in iTunes Library and will remain there until deleted at some future date.
Once in library, desktop data can be moved to trash.
To make a CD, you must make a playlist. With iTunes open, go to FILE and move to NEW PLAYLIST.
Once playlist is labeled, click the tune in library and drag into the playlist while holding down the SHIFT KEY on keyboard.
When you have no more than circa 25 tunes in list, you can burn CD.
Click-open the play list, insert blank CD and click BURN CD.

Try also to put the cursor over the name of the song and do a right-click (or, on a laptop, Control-click). Select "download linked file".

To burn a CD. top

To download a MP3, please click on the 3 letters MP3 with the right button, the screen will by rand ask you to hit UserName and PassWord. Don't login before.

When a MP3 file saved onto your hard disk, then burn a CD following the user manuel sold with your CD burner.

 It is not the intent of Jazz On Line to infringe any copyright; we believe the material offered on this website to be public domain. Please notify us via email with evidence you are the copyright holder to any of these recordings or compositions, and we will promptly remove those items.