Swingin' At Liederkranz 2
Swingin' At Liederkranz 1
Art Tatum
Fletcher Henderson Victors
The Arrangers 3
Count Basie 1937-39
Arranger Alex Hill
Glenn Miller Rare And Unheard
Cab Calloway 1939-40
Johnny Guarnieri 1940-44
Luis Russell 1929-34
Young Benny Goodman
Duke Ellington 1938-39
Coleman Hawkins In Europe
String Bass Masters
Harry James On The Air 1939
Henry Red Allen
Teddy Hill 1935-37
Ella Fitzgerald Sings

Babe Russin Master Musician
Barney Bigard Master Musician
Buddy Rich 1946
Charlie Barnet 1937-41
Cootie Williams Swing Trumpet
Georgie Auld Master Musician
Jimmy Dorsey 1942-44
Latecomers To The Swing Era
Lionel Hampton All Stars 4
Metronome All Stars
Ray McKinley 1946-49
Rex Stewart Master Musician

Al Bowlly Singin' & Swingin'
Al Donahue 1938-41
Alto Madness
Alto Madness 2
Alto Madness 3
Alvino Rey 1940-41
Alvino Rey 1941-42
Alvino Rey 1946
Andy Kirk 1 1936-42
Andy Kirk Orchestra 2 1936-41
Arranger Andy Gibson
Arranger Dean Kinkade
Arranger Eddie Sauter
Arranger Fred Norman
Arranger Horace Henderson
Arranger Jimmy Mundy
Arranger Joe Garland
Arrangers Edgar Sampson & Sammy Lowe
Arrangers Elton Hill & Chappie Willett
Arrangers Margie Gibson & Buster Harding
Arrangers of the Swing Era 1
Arrangers of the Swing Era 2
Artie Shaw 1938-39
Artie Shaw On The Air 1938-39
Artie Shaw 1940-42
Artie Shaw 1944-45
Artie Shaw 2 1945
Artie Shaw Great 78s
Artie Shaw Rhythmakers
Bands Nobody Remembers
Bands Within A Band
Baritone Sax Masters
Ben Webster Stylemaker
Benny Carter in Europe 1936-37
Benny Carter 1939-41
Benny Carter Orchestra 2 1939-43
Benny Goodman 1935-38
Benny Goodman 1939-42
Benny Goodman 1939-42
Benny Goodman On The Air
Benny Goodman Rhythmakers 1935
Benny Goodman Sextets
Benny Goodman Small Groups 1936-38
Benny Morton - Great Musician
Best of the Swing Era Bands 1
Best of the Swing Era Bands 2
Bill Finegan Arranger Glenn Miller
Bill Finegan Arranger Tommy Dorsey
Billie Holiday
Billy Kyle Piano 1937-40
Billy May 1951-52
Bob Chester Orchestra 1939-41
Bob Crosby 1936-40
Bob Crosby 1938-40
Bob Crosby 1941-42
Bobby Hackett 1938-40
Bobby Sherwood 1942-47
Bobby Sherwood Orchestra 2 1942-47
Boogie Woogie Meets the Swing Era
Buck Clayton 1937-46
Buddy DeFranco - Master Musician
Bunny Berigan Great 78s
Bunny Berigan Rhythmakers
Cab Calloway 1932-40
Casa Loma Orchestra 1930-34
Casa Loma Orchestra 1933-41
Casa Loma Orchestra 1934-40
Charlie Barnet 1939-41
Charlie Barnet 1939-41
Charlie Barnet 1942-44
Charlie Shavers Master Musician
Charlie Spivak 1941-47
Chick Webb 1934-39 1
Chick Webb 1934-39 2
Chu Berry - Master Musician
Clarinet Madness
Claude Hopkins 1932-35
Claude Thornhill 1941-47
Coleman Hawkins Stylemaker
Count Basie 1937-39
Count Basie 1939-41
Count Basie 1939-43
Dicky Wells - Great Musician
Dizzy Gillespie 1937-47
Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli
Don Redman 1931-40
Duke Ellington 1930-38
Duke Ellington 1932-39
Duke Ellington 1944-46
Duke Ellington 1946
Duke Ellington 1947
Duke Ellington 1947-49
Earl Hines 1933-42
Earl Hines 1939-42
Edgar Hayes 1933-38
Ella and Chick 1937-39
Ella Fitzgerald & Chick Webb
Ellington Classic Compositions
Ellington Small Groups
Ellington Trilogy 1
Ellington Trilogy 2
Ellington Trilogy 3
Erskine Hawkins 1938-42
Fats Waller 1
Fats Waller and his Rhythm 2
Fletcher Henderson 1932-37
Fletcher Henderson 2 1930-38
Fletcher Henderson 3
Forgotten Voices of the Swing Era
Frank Sinatra, Early Years
Gals Who Sang With The Bands 2
Gals Who Sang With The Bands
Gene Krupa & Anita O'Day
Gene Krupa 1938-40
Gene Krupa 1938-41
Gene Krupa 1945-47
Gene Krupa 1946-49
Glenn Miller 1935-38
Glenn Miller 1939-42
Glenn Miller AAF Band
Glenn Miller at the Movies
Glenn Miller Great 78s
Glenn Miller Off the Record
Glenn Miller On The Air 2
Glenn Miller On The Air
Great Swing Era Musicians 1
Great Swing Era Musicians 2
Guys Who Sang With The Bands
Hal McIntyre 1943-45
Harlan Leonard Orchestra 1940
Harry James 1939
Harry James 1939-42
Harry James 1940
Harry James 1941-42
Harry James 1943-46
Harry James 1944-45
Harry James 2 1941-42
Harry James, Early Years 1
Harry James, Early Years 2
Horace Henderson Arranger
Hilton Jefferson - Great Musician
Irving Fazola - Master Musician
Ivie Anderson with Duke Ellington
Jack Teagarden 1939-41
Jack Teagarden Sings
Jan Savitt 1938-40
Jan Savitt 1938-41
Jerry Gray Arranger for Miller
Jerry Gray Arranger for Shaw
Jimmie Lunceford 1934-38
Jimmie Lunceford 1935-38
Jimmie Lunceford 1939
Jimmie Lunceford 1939-41
Jimmy Dorsey 1936-42
Jimmy Dorsey 2 1936-42
Jimmy Dorsey 3
John Kirby Sextet 1938-42
Johnny Hodges Small Groups
King Cole Trio 1940-46
Larry Clinton 1
Larry Clinton 1937-40
Lawrence Brown Master Musician
Les Brown 1936-40
Les Brown 1940-47
Les Brown 1944-49
Lester Young Stylemaker
Life After The Swing Era
Lionel Hampton All Stars 1
Lionel Hampton All Stars 2
Lionel Hampton All Stars 3 1937-40
Louis Armstrong 1935-40
Mill's Blue Rhythm Band
New Bands Of The Swing Era 1
New Bands Of The Swing Era 2
Ozzie Nelson 1932-41
Piano Masters
Radio Bands 1
Radio Bands 2
Radio Bands On The Air 1
Radio Bands On The Air 2
Radio Broadcasts From The Meadowbrook
Randy Brooks 1945-47
Ray Anthony 1949-53
Raymond Scott 1939-42
Red Norvo & Mildred Bailey 1934-1936
Red Norvo & Mildred Bailey 1935-1939
Red Norvo Orchestra 1936-39
Roy Eldridge, "Little Jazz" !
Sam Donahue Navy Band
Singing Trumpets
Singin' And Swingin'
Singing Trumpets 3
Songs of the Swing Era
Sonny Dunham 1941-45
Stan Kenton 1945-46
Swing Bands On The Air
Swing Bands Sampler 1
Swing Bands-Sampler 2
Swing Era at the Movies
Swing Era FUN Singers
Swing Era Rhythm
Swing Era Saxophones 1
Swing Era Saxophones 2
Swing Era Singers 1
Swing Era Singers 2
Swing Era Singers
Swing Era Small Groups 1
Swing Era Small Groups 2
Swing Era Tenor Saxes
Swing Era Time Keepers
Swing Era Trombones
Swing Era Trumpets
Swingin' Gals
Swingin' on Swing Street
Swingin' The Strings
Swinging The Classics
Sy Oliver Arranger Jimmie Lunceford
Sy Oliver Arranger Tommy Dorsey
Tab Smith - Great Musician
Ted Heath 1944-49
Teddy Powell 1939-41
Teddy Powell Orchestra 1942-43
Teddy Wilson All Stars 1935-39
Teddy Wilson Big Band
Teddy Wilson Swing Piano
Tommy Dorsey 1936-39
Tommy Dorsey 1937-38
Tommy Dorsey 1937-44
Tommy Dorsey 1938-39
Tommy Dorsey 1940-42
Tommy Dorsey 1949-50
Tommy Dorsey Raleigh Shows 1937
Tony Pastor Orchestra 1940-42
Toots Mondello - Master Musician
Unique Singers 1
Unique Singers 2
Unique Singers 3
Unique Voices of the Swing Era
Vaughn Monroe 1 1940-42
Vaughn Monroe 2 1940-42
Vibraphone Swing
Vido Musso 1936-46
Voices of the Swing Era
Will Bradley 1939-41
Will Bradley 1940-41
Will Hudson Leader & Arranger
Willie Bryant Orchestra 1935-36
Willie Lewis Entertainers
Woody Herman 1939-41
Woody Herman 1939-43
Woody Herman 1944-45
Woody Herman On The Air 1944-46
Woody Herman Wildroot Shows
World of Swing 1
World of Swing 2

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