New shows
Jess Stacy Piano Master
Jumpin' On The 88s
Bands Nobody Remembers 2
Benny Carter 1929-40
Benny Goodman Let's Dance 1935
Bob Crosby 1944-46
Boyd Raeburn 1944-46

Bud Freeman
Buster Bailey Master Musician
Count Basie 1944-45
Django Reinhardt 2
Elliot Lawrence 1946-47
Georgie Auld 1945-46
Harry James Rare & Unheard
Jimmy Dorsey 1937-42
Louis Prima 1934-35
Radio Bands 5
Slam Stewart Bass Innovator
Tommy Dorsey On The Air 1941-44
Young Voices of the Swing Era
Adrian Rollini 1927-39
Al Bowlly Singin' & Swingin'
Al Donahue 1938-41
Alto Madness 2
Alto Madness 3
Alto Madness
Alvino Rey 1940-41
Alvino Rey 1941-42
Alvino Rey 1946
Andy Kirk 1 1936-42
Andy Kirk Orchestra 2 1936-41
Arranger Alex Hill
Arranger Andy Gibson
Arranger Dean Kinkade
Arranger Eddie Sauter
Arranger Fred Norman
Arranger Horace Henderson
Arranger Jimmy Mundy
Arranger Joe Garland
Arrangers Edgar Sampson & Sammy Lowe
Arrangers Elton Hill & Chappie Willett
Arrangers Margie Gibson & Buster Harding
Arrangers of the Swing Era 1
Arrangers of the Swing Era 2
Art Tatum
Artie Shaw 1938-39
Artie Shaw 1940-42
Artie Shaw 1944-45
Artie Shaw 2 1945
Artie Shaw Great 78s
Artie Shaw On The Air 1938-39
Artie Shaw Rhythmakers
Babe Russin Master Musician
Bands Nobody Remembers
Bands Within A Band
Baritone Sax Masters
Barney Bigard Master Musician
Ben Pollack 1926-38
Ben Webster Stylemaker
Bennie Moten 1927-32
Benny Carter 1939-41
Benny Carter in Europe 1936-37
Benny Carter Orchestra 2 1939-43
Benny Goodman - The Early Years
Benny Goodman 1935-38
Benny Goodman 1939-42
Benny Goodman 1939-42
Benny Goodman 1943-45
Benny Goodman On The Air
Benny Goodman Rhythmakers 1935
Benny Goodman Sextets
Benny Goodman Small Groups 1936-38
Benny Morton - Great Musician
Best of the Swing Era Bands 1
Best of the Swing Era Bands 2
Bill Finegan Arranger Glenn Miller
Bill Finegan Arranger Tommy Dorsey
Billie Holiday
Billy Butterfield 1938-47
Billy Kyle Piano 1937-40
Billy May 1951-52
Bob Chester Orchestra 1939-41
Bob Crosby 1936-40
Bob Crosby 1938-40
Bob Crosby 1941-42
Bobby Hackett 1938-40
Bobby Sherwood 1942-47
Bobby Sherwood Orchestra 2 1942-47
Boogie Woogie Meets the Swing Era
Buck Clayton 1937-46
Buddy DeFranco - Master Musician
Buddy Rich 1946
Bunny Berigan Great 78s
Bunny Berigan Rhythmakers
Cab Calloway 1932-40
Cab Calloway 1939-40
Casa Loma Orchestra 1930-34
Casa Loma Orchestra 1933-41
Casa Loma Orchestra 1934-40
Charlie Barnet 1937-41
Charlie Barnet 1939-41
Charlie Barnet 1939-41
Charlie Barnet 1942-44
Charlie Christian 1939-41
Charlie Shavers Master Musician
Charlie Spivak 1941-47
Chick Webb 1934-39 1
Chick Webb 1934-39 2
Chu Berry - Master Musician
Clarinet Madness
Claude Hopkins 1932-35
Claude Thornhill 1941-47
Coleman Hawkins In Europe
Coleman Hawkins Stylemaker
Cootie Williams Swing Trumpet
Count Basie 1937-39
Count Basie 1938-39
Count Basie 1939-41
Count Basie 1942-45
Dicky Wells - Great Musician
Dizzy Gillespie 1937-47
Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli
Don Redman 1931-40
Don Redman Arranger
Duke Ellington 1930-38
Duke Ellington 1932-39
Duke Ellington 1938-39
Duke Ellington 1944-46
Duke Ellington 1946
Duke Ellington 1947
Duke Ellington 1947-49
Earl Hines 1933-42
Earl Hines 1939-42
Edgar Hayes 1933-38
Ella and Chick 1937-39
Ella Fitzgerald & Chick Webb
Ella Fitzgerald Sings
Ellington Classic Compositions
Ellington Small Groups
Ellington Trilogy 1
Ellington Trilogy 2
Ellington Trilogy 3
Erskine Hawkins 1938-42
Fats Waller 1
Fats Waller and his Rhythm 2
Fletcher Henderson 1932-37
Fletcher Henderson 2 1930-38
Fletcher Henderson 3
Fletcher Henderson Victors
Forgotten Voices of the Swing Era
Frank Sinatra, Early Years
Gals Who Sang With The Bands 2
Gals Who Sang With The Bands
Gene Krupa & Anita O'Day
Gene Krupa 1938-40
Gene Krupa 1938-41
Gene Krupa 1945-47
Gene Krupa 1946-49
Georgie Auld Master Musician
Glenn Miller 1935-38
Glenn Miller 1939-42
Glenn Miller AAF Band
Glenn Miller at the Movies
Glenn Miller Great 78s
Glenn Miller Off the Record
Glenn Miller On The Air 2
Glenn Miller On The Air
Glenn Miller Rare And Unheard
Great Swing Era Musicians 1
Great Swing Era Musicians 2
Guys Who Sang With The Bands
Hal McIntyre 1943-45
Harlan Leonard Orchestra 1940
Harry James 1939
Harry James 1939-42
Harry James 1940
Harry James 1941-42
Harry James 1943-46
Harry James 1944-45
Harry James 2 1941-42
Harry James On The Air 1939
Harry James, Early Years 1
Harry James, Early Years 2
Henry Red Allen
Hilton Jefferson - Great Musician
Horace Henderson Arranger
Irving Fazola - Master Musician
Ivie Anderson with Duke Ellington
Jack Jenney Master Musician
Jack Teagarden 1939-41
Jack Teagarden Sings
Jan Savitt 1938-40
Jan Savitt 1938-41
Jerry Gray Arranger for Miller
Jerry Gray Arranger for Shaw
Jimmie Lunceford 1934-38
Jimmie Lunceford 1935-38
Jimmie Lunceford 1939
Jimmie Lunceford 1939-41
Jimmy Dorsey 1936-42
Jimmy Dorsey 1942-44
Jimmy Dorsey 2 1936-42
Jimmy Dorsey 3
John Kirby Sextet 1938-42
Johnny Guarnieri 1940-44
Johnny Hodges Small Groups
Jubilee Broadcasts
King Cole Trio 1940-46
Larry Clinton 1
Larry Clinton 1937-40
Latecomers To The Swing Era
Lawrence Brown Master Musician
Les Brown 1936-40
Les Brown 1940-47
Les Brown 1944-49
Lester Young Stylemaker
Life After The Swing Era
Lionel Hampton All Stars 1
Lionel Hampton All Stars 2
Lionel Hampton All Stars 3 1937-40
Lionel Hampton All Stars 4
Louis Armstrong 1935-40
Luis Russell 1929-34
Mel Powell Piano Master
Metronome All Stars
Mill's Blue Rhythm Band
Mill's Blue Rhythm Band 2
New Bands Of The Swing Era 1
New Bands Of The Swing Era 2
Ozzie Nelson 1932-41
Piano Masters
Radio Bands 1
Radio Bands 2
Radio Bands 4
Radio Bands On The Air 1
Radio Bands On The Air 2
Radio Bands On The Air 3
Radio Broadcasts From The Meadowbrook
Randy Brooks 1945-47
Ray Anthony 1949-53
Ray McKinley 1946-49
Raymond Scott 1939-42
Red Norvo & Mildred Bailey 1934-1936
Red Norvo & Mildred Bailey 1935-1939
Red Norvo Orchestra 1936-39
Rex Stewart Master Musician
Roy Eldridge, "Little Jazz" !
Sam Donahue Navy Band
Singin' And Swingin'
Singing Trumpets 3
Singing Trumpets
Songs of the Swing Era
Sonny Dunham 1941-45
Spud Murphy Arranger
Stan Kenton 1945-46
String Bass Masters
Swing Bands On The Air
Swing Bands Sampler 1
Swing Bands-Sampler 2
Swing Bands Sampler 3
Swing Era at the Movies
Swing Era FUN Singers
Swing Era Rhythm
Swing Era Saxophones 1
Swing Era Saxophones 2
Swing Era Singers 1
Swing Era Singers 2
Swing Era Singers
Swing Era Small Groups 1
Swing Era Small Groups 2
Swing Era Tenor Saxes
Swing Era Time Keepers
Swing Era Trombones
Swing Era Trumpets
Swingin' At Liederkranz 1
Swingin' At Liederkranz 2
Swingin' Gals
Swingin' on Swing Street
Swingin' Singers
Swingin' The Strings
Swinging The Classics
Sy Oliver Arranger Jimmie Lunceford
Sy Oliver Arranger Tommy Dorsey
Tab Smith - Great Musician
Ted Heath 1944-49
Teddy Hill 1935-37
Teddy Powell 1939-41
Teddy Powell Orchestra 1942-43
Teddy Wilson All Stars 1935-39
Teddy Wilson Big Band
Teddy Wilson Swing Piano
The Arrangers 3
Tommy Dorsey 1936-39
Tommy Dorsey 1937-38
Tommy Dorsey 1937-44
Tommy Dorsey 1938-39
Tommy Dorsey 1940-42
Tommy Dorsey 1949-50
Tommy Dorsey Raleigh Shows 1937
Tony Pastor Orchestra 1940-42
Toots Mondello - Master Musician
Unique Singers 1
Unique Singers 2
Unique Singers 3
Unique Voices of the Swing Era
Van Alexander 1938-39
Vaughn Monroe 1 1940-42
Vaughn Monroe 2 1940-42
Vibraphone Swing
Vido Musso 1936-46
Voices of the Swing Era
Will Bradley 1939-41
Will Bradley 1940-41
Will Hudson Leader & Arranger
Willie Bryant Orchestra 1935-36
Willie Lewis Entertainers
Woody Herman 1939-41
Woody Herman 1939-43
Woody Herman 1944-45
Woody Herman On The Air 1944-46
Woody Herman Wildroot Shows
World of Swing 1
World of Swing 2

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